Nataliia Yurchak Beauty School is the only one school in Ukraine, which ensures a quality education, and refund of tuition fees if you do not like our seminars. You get a quality education at a fair price. We are not the cheapest school but we are the best. You should know that if you come to us, you will get not only the bonus on further education, but also guarantees the return fees.

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People want to deal with someone who keeps his word! We always promise less and do more. Our goal is a satisfied customer!

You have a real opportunity to become better, to become a professional! We do not want to be the first, we aspire to be the only one.

Our team
photo Nataliia Yurchak - Development manager
Nataliia Yurchak

Development manager

Hairdresser, coach, author and creator of the Nataliia Yurchak Beauty School. Сhoach with more than ten years experience, who has spent more than 3 thousand seminars, which generally visit about 200 thousand people. Master of international class of hairdressing. Natallia is prize-winner of national and international competitions in hairdressing. She was nominated World Championship on hairdressing in Milan in 2011. Nataliia is a winner of the European Championship in hairdressing 2012. Art Director Vitality's. Member of the International Team Vitality's, the creator courses of coloristics.
photo Svetlana Ershova - Сoach
Svetlana Ershova


Specialization - hairсut, coloristics
photo Galina Gordienko - Сoach
Galina Gordienko


Specialization - hairсut, coloristics
photo Vasilyuk Zinaida - Сoach
Vasilyuk Zinaida


Specialization - hairсut, coloristics


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