Kurs koloriristiki «"The planet and its satellites Colours"»
"The planet and its satellites Colours"

Duration: 5 working days
Timing: 11 - 18.00 (coffee break 13 - 14.00)
The format of the course: the theoretical part of a demonstration of images, practical treatment

Unique author's course on coloring, which has no analogues.

For practicing artists, as well as for beginners.
For those who wish to expand their opportunities in the profession.
To understand the interaction of chemical composition and structure of hair products.
Find an explanation of his errors in the painting.
The effective combination of theoretical knowledge and practice.

Each master individual work with the model:
Lighter or Darker blonde
Staining of gray hair
Create secondary colors
Correction of horizontal stripes
Saving shades

Author's technique and Research + PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

The beauty in a variety of changes it remains eternally new. Dionysius Halicarnassus

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